battery charger is specifically designed to provide a low rate current that will gradually bring a battery to full charge. When the battery is in a fully charged state it will resume charging but “supposedly” only at a rate that is equal to the recharged batteries self-discharge rate so that the battery remains fully charged all the time.

As we may know this is not a very advanced methods and runs an extreme risk of overcharging the battery potentially, causing it to gas, swell and definitely destroying it in the long run, this is something that we would recommend.

Smart Chargers

It would be best to purchase a smart charger, as they are much more sophisticated because as well as offering variety of charging modes they are also programmed to provide a well-planned and varied output to recharge and maintain your battery in the best condition without harming it in anyway. Majority of smart chargers have a number of different charging modes to best suit different batteries, each one tailored to different battery types, sizes and charging requirements.

Smart chargers are programmed with many variations in order to supply and provide the best environment for the battery to gain a full charge. Normally a smart charger can have a few well defined steps to get the best performance from a battery whilst charging.

After that it will observe the battery and maintain the full charge as necessary but will not just keep forcing power at it hoping for the ideal performance, like many cheap chargers.

The perfect advantage of smart chargers, for batteries that stay in charge over night or over the long weekend, is that they can be left connected permanently and will maintain the battery in the best possible condition.

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